Ambulance Procedures

In the event of a person requiring medical attention the following procedure MUST be adhered to.

Asquith Golf Club recommends that players carry their mobile phones onto the golf course. (These phones should be either switched off or switched to silent mode while playing.)

Person Injured and Playing Partner Responsibilities
Do not move an injured person.  If symptoms are of heart and /or breathing difficulties do not try to return to the Clubhouse. Follow the steps below.

Call Ambulance – 000. Where practical direct the operator to the Clubhouse in Lord Street, Mt Colah. Nearest cross road is Royston Parade.

Call Professional Shop – 9477 1403 or the Office – 9477 1266. REMAIN CALM & SPEAK CLEARLY advising staff of incident & location together with instructions given to the ambulance.

Where necessary administer CPR until the Ambulance Officers arrive (See CPR Chart below).

A defibrillator is available in the Clubhouse on the lower level, opposite the score card entry.