Dress Code

We are a Club that amplifies a lifestyle and a golf experience that our members are proud of and makes our guests and community feel welcome.

As you would expect Asquith Golf Club like to see a suitable standard of dress that must be observed by members and guests on the golf course and in the Clubhouse. The general dress standard is clothing that is neat, clean, and tidy manner that respects the dignity of the Club, and we ask that all players and guests abide by the dress code as incorrectly attired players and guests may not be permitted on the course or into the clubhouse.

Below provides a further explanation of the acceptable and not acceptable standard of dress on the course and in the Clubhouse.


  • Collared sports (or polo) shirt, skivvies with rolled collar, blouses, t-shirts – social play only
  • Tailored shorts, trousers, pants, culottes, skirts
  • Cargo shorts, denim shorts and jeans
  • Short socks or sport socks visible above shoe
  • Specific golf shoes with soft spikes, joggers, or sports shoes only


  • T-shirts (except for social play), singlets, flannelette shirts, short sleeve sun tops or beach wear
  • Tracksuits, stubbies, gym gear, board shorts or football shorts or jerseys
  • Industrial or work clothing, including high visibility safety clothing
  • Clothing with offensive wording/logo
  • Football boots, work boots, thongs, ugh-boots or untidy or dirty footwear


  • Attire acceptable on the golf course
  • T-shirts, without offensive wording / logos
  • Sandals, thongs, casual enclosed shoes and boat shoes without socks


  • Attire that is not acceptable on the golf course (except t-shirts, thongs and work boots)
  • Hats, caps or other headwear unless worn for religious reasons.
  • Bare feet in any part of the Club at any time.

Members and visitors not complying with the dress code may be asked to leave the Club’s premises.

Dress Code