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November 24 Member Golf News
November 05 Member Golf News
맴버 골프 뉴스
October 25 Golfing Update
골프 소식 
September 14 Playing golf in groups of four  
September 10 Change to Playing Conditions  
August 31 Golf Programme Amendments for September 2021 2021년 9월 골프 계획 수정
August 20 Hall of Fame A G C 명 예 의 전당
August 17 Important Information for Members 회원 주요 공지사항
August 6 Golf Course and Booking System Update 골프코스 및 부킹제도 소식
August 5 Message to Members – 10km and LGA Restrictions 10kms 지방행정구역내 거리 제한에 관한 회원 공지사항
August 2 Amendments to Social Play Rules 쇼셜 플래이어 규정 수정
July 27 Waitlist Booking Process Update 대기 북킹 처리 사항
July 20 Additional Competitions 추가 경기
July 16 Ticketing and Lottery Booking System  
July 9 ENews COVID Update  
June 28 COVID Update  
June 24  
May 6  
March 24  
February 4  
January 7  
January 5  
December 29  
December 21  
December 4  



November 10 November Update  
October 22 Changes to Catering Staff
October 18 Members affected by lockdown restrictions  
October 8 Information Update to Members  
September 23 Vaccination Opportunity  
September 17 Info re vaccination and time sheets
August 22 Update to Members 프레지던트 메세지
August 15 Changes to distance restrictions and access to course 프레지던트 멧세지 거리제한과 코스출입변경
July 30 프레지던트 메시지
July 14  
June 17  
April 22  



May 3  
March 25  
December 22  
Conditions of Play Mens Club Championships  
August 21  
June 30  
June 2  


Rules Newsletters

2016 Edition Rules of Golf ~ Anchoring The Club: Dec 2015

AGC Rules Newsletter: November/December 2015

AGC 한글판 로칼 골프룰 뉴스