Clubhouse Closed until further notice
Should you need to contact the Club for any urgent need during this period, please use email correspondence addressed to


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 


Strict conditions are in place and must be adhered to by all golfers. 

All public health orders with regard to social distancing must be complied with. 

Under no circumstances may two (2) players share a golf cart. Two players are not permitted to sit in a cart at any one time. Two sets of clubs are not permitted on a cart. It is not permitted for one player to stand on the back of the cart while another drives. 

Our golf operation relies on all players complying with both of these conditions as the implications of non-compliance can determine the future of our Club and golf in Australia. Anyone who witnesses any breach of these conditions is urged to report incidents to the General Manager, the Pro Shop or a Club Director. In all cases of a breach of these conditions the police will be called. Additionally, any Member found guilty of a breach of Conditions One or Two will have their membership suspended for three months. On top of any immediate action which the police or the Board of Asquith Golf Club may take, very significant fines and/or prison time can be imposed on the individual. 

Asquith Golf Club must and will enforce these social distancing regulations or risk a fine of $55,000. This is why we must be vigilant in enforcing these restrictions so we don’t put our entire golfing operation at risk.

The following changes to golf will be implemented 

  • The flagstick must remain in the hole under all circumstances. The hole will be modified so that the ball can easily be removed without the golfer touching the flagstick
  • To further minimise risk, Members are to take a sanitised soil bucket home with them which can remain in their possession until restrictions are lifted. Public players must purchase a bucket from the Pro Shop for $2.00 which becomes their property
  • Golfers are advised not to arrive too early for their game, in order to reduce congestion of numbers around the 10th tee/ halfway area and the car park
  • Golfers must comply with social distancing in the practice areas such as practice nets and practice putting green
  • Please utilise the MiScore app where possilbe for scoring to minimise handling of physical score cards. Please see the Pro Shop if you have any questions regarding the app. While current restrictions are in place, there will be no requirement to mark and sign another card. When cards are returned, they are to be put in the cardboard box provided on the Pro Shop counter
  • Only six customers at a time to enter the Pro Shop at any one time and observe social distancing 
  • Players are not to congregate around the 10th tee/ halfway area prior to their allotted tee time or at the conclusion of their round
  • Each week the Halfway House will be available for takeaway on Saturday & Wednesday as well as Friday and Sunday mornings.
  • While not an enforceable requirement, golfers are reminded that Federal Covid-19 recommendations are that those over 70 years of age remain at home
  • For the period of the current restrictions until further notice, cart hire for members will be discounted to $25 per 18-hole hire and $15 for 9-hole hire. No further discounts will be applied to these prices. Cart hire prices for visitors will remain unchanged. Cart usage remains dependent on weather and course conditions

In general, all golfers must follow social distancing laws when both on the golf course and in the clubhouse area when at Asquith Golf Club

Our future as a Club is up to all of us.

Stephen Robbins                                                                                David Morgan
President                                                                                            Club Captain


Until further notice all competitions will be singles events.

From Saturday 4th April when the Halfway bar is open it will be able to serve alcohol up to a maximum of two drinks per person.


  • Under no circumstances can players gather on a tee when they have caught up with the group in front. Players will see a sign and a blue cross on the ground on approach to most tees. If you catch up with the group in front while they are still on the tee it is essential that you remain at the blue cross until that group has teed off. Additionally there will be a compulsory call up on the third hole to avoid congestion on the tee.

The Club’s ability to open the course depends on these restrictions being strictly followed. Any player found in breach of social distancing laws will find themselves dealt with very harshly by the Board, not to mention the full weight of the law

Do not hesitate to report any person on the course who is not complying with social distancing laws. Our continuing operation depends on every golfer’s complete cooperation.

David Morgan
Club Captain