Change to Conditions of Play Local Rules:

With the improving condition of the course, a number of Local Rules will be altered effective Saturday August 6 as detailed below, so please check the Local Rules board before play in the Medal round on Saturday.

  1. The optional tee up rule will NO LONGER apply from Saturday.
  2. The preferred lie option in Bunkers will NO LONGER apply from Saturday, so a ball in the sand bunker must be played as it lies.
  3. The one club length preferred lie in the general area will REMAIN IN PLACE for the time being.

Given that all sand bunkers will now be in play without the benefit of a preferred lie, please ensure that you rake your footprints when existing a bunker and place the rake back in the centre of the bunker.

Golf Carts:

With the reintroduction of Golf Carts across the full 18 holes this week, generally Members have been adhering to the advice of keeping to the rough on the high sides of holes and accessing their ball at 90 degrees, so our Course Superintendent Stu Hall, asked me to pass on his vote of thanks to those players using carts who have adopted a sensible approach to their usage.

Although many wet areas have been roped off, a few muddy sections still remain on the fairways on the 5th, 8th,11th, 13th, 15th & 18th holes, so please avoid driving through those obvious wet areas.

Continued availability of carts will depend upon the weather, course conditions and players strictly adhering to signage and black line restrictions.

August Medal:

With Saturday’s event being a stroke round, please ensure that you maintain a solid pace of play and keep up with the group in front.

Stephen Farr
Club Captain
on behalf of the Golf Committee