From Saturday the 17th April 2021, playing conditions will change. From that date, the ball must be played as it lies throughout the general area.

Whilst we had anticipated removing preferred lies earlier, the recent storms which dumped 16” of rain on the course, prevented us from doing so, but we now believe that the course is in great condition to enable this change.

Rakes will be returned to Bunkers from Saturday, so all bunkers will also be in play with NO preferred lie allowed in them.

It should be noted that if you do prefer your ball anywhere on the course, you will be required to replace the ball in its original position with a one (1) stroke penalty (rule 14.2).

NOTE: Whilst the greens are recovering from their recent coring, it is critical that all Players repair their pitch mark on each green and at least one other pitch mark, to ensure a better putting surface.

Quentin Price