Reports from various media outlets via Health NSW have this evening identified Asquith Golf Club as having had a positive COVID-19 case on Tuesday 15 December 2020.

We have spoken this evening, on several occasions, with Health NSW and clarified with them that this information is erroneous. This means that Asquith Golf Club should not have appeared on the list of venues effected by COVID-19 and circulated by Health NSW.

Health NSW advise us that our Club will be removed from the official list of affected venues as soon as possible. Health NSW have admitted to and apologised to us for this error.

Notwithstanding this correction, Health NSW are not directly responsible for the incorrect information, which may still continue to appear in various media outlets. It may be that our name continues to appear for a day or two.

I would like to assure all Members and visitors to Asquith Golf Club that our Course and Clubhouse is COVID safe at this time and that any conflicting information which you may have seen in social or other media is a direct result of erroneous information which has emanated from Health NSW.

Asquith Golf Club will continue to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of Staff, Members and guests who attend our facility. Please assist us by ensuring that all health and hygiene measures are followed.

David Morgan