From this date until further notice 30 cm preferred lies in the closely mown area only, will be in operation during competition rounds.

As we have been playing preferred lies in the general area for many months it might be an opportune time to remind all players exactly what this change means.

Closely mown means parts of the course which are cut to fairway height. This means fairways, tees and a metre or so around greens. All other parts of the course are not cut to fairway height and preferred lies cannot be taken in these areas. The penalty for breaching this rule is one stroke. 

In most areas of the course there will be clear definition between rough and closely mown areas. The best advice if you are not certain is to ask your marker and if still not clear, assume your ball is outside the closely mown area and play it as it lies.

30cm preferred lies are still in play in bunkers.

Golf Committee
12th November 2020