Dear Members,

Asquith Golf Club has upgraded the card scanning system to the new MiClub MiScore system.

The MiScore card will be used in competition play and will print out specific to each member on that day of play including name, daily handicap, tee time and tee colour. The card is marked the traditional way on the left hand side of the card with the players score and corresponding result and the markers score and corresponding result. In addition to the traditional markings members are required to place a black circle in column corresponding to the player’s gross score.

Eg If a player scores 5 for 2 on the first hole a black circle will be entered in the 5 column. This scoring method should be continued until all holes for the round have been completed. If the player whose card you are marking has too many shots on a hole the black circle should be placed in the far right hand column labelled W which stands for Wipe.

Upon completion of the round the cards should be signed as normal and then entered through the scanners in the Pro Shop & Clubhouse opposite the locker rooms near the stairs. Once scanned the round result will appear on the screen for confirmation.
CLICK HERE to see a video on ‘How to score a MiScore Scorecard’ or CLICK HERE to see further ‘instructions on the MiScore system’.